How to make a homemade soldering iron

Many times, in our workshops we need to carry out emergency welding, but as we do not have a welder we have to leave the task we are carrying out pending, so it is useful to have a small device that allows us to carry out welding quickly. Today, we will see how to make a homemade soldering iron with few materials and in very few steps.



- A bottle of one litre or more (preferably of whey that can withstand high gas pressures).

- A flexible hose (used in chemistry laboratories).

- A couple of corks.

- A carbide stone.

- A gas regulator cock.

- A lighter.

- Silicone.

- A thin metal tube.

- Water.

Creating our homemade soldering iron

First of all, we are going to clean the bottle thoroughly. We wash it, preferably with dishwasher and rinse it well and finally, we rinse it with distilled water preferably. Once the bottle is clean, it is time to move on to the next level.


Next, we are going to take one of the corks and with the help of a cutter we make a hole through which we are going to insert the hose. With the help of silicone, we seal the spaces that have been left free so that there are no gas leaks and, at the same time, we fix the hose to the cork.

The free end of the hose is connected to the gas regulator tap and the free end of the tap is connected to the other cork (to which we have previously opened a hole with a diameter equal to the outlet of the regulator tap), we go through the cork and at the other end we place the iron pipe, and with the help of silicone we seal any possible leaks that may occur.

Our homemade soldering iron is almost ready. Now, we place the carbide stone inside the bottle and add water. Quickly, we cover the bottle with the cork that is at one end of the hose and our soldering iron is ready.

Homemade soldering iron

Setting up the experiment

Now, we dose gas with the regulator key and with the help of a lighter we light a fire, taking precautions in this respect, avoiding closed places or places with inflammable material.

Also, remember to choose a bottle that can withstand high pressure to prevent the bottle from bursting and of course, wear safety clothing, gloves and goggles to avoid possible burns.

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  1. If instead of using a plastic bottle I use the bottle from an old expired stintor I have lying around.

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