How to make a magnetic stirrer

In some of our experiments and processes, we often need to stirring liquids and mixturesThis can be a laborious job. On the market, there are the famous magnetic stirrers that are activated by heat and speed up the mixing process. In this article, we will look at how to make a magnetic stirrerThe use of a small number of materials is easy and quick.

Commercial magnetic stirrer


- A neodymium magnet.

- A small fan used to cool a PC.

- An acrylic or wooden box in which we can put the small fan.

- A ferrite magnet.

- A 12-volt battery.

- Small rubber supports.

- A glass container.

- Three CDs.

Assembly of our magnetic stirrer

The first thing we are going to do is to take the small fan and attach to it (at the end that does not generate airflow) the neodymium magnet, which we can obtain from a damaged hard disk that we are about to discard.

placing the neodymium magnet

Then, we fix the fan with its neodymium magnet to the box that we have arranged as a support. We can have this box ready or simply create it with pieces of plastic or wooden sheets. Once the fan is fixed to the box, we proceed to stabilise it by placing rubber bumpers or supports on the base to avoid strong vibrations that could move our agitator.

We place the three CD's on the fan, in order to create a device that can transmit the movement. Next, we place our magnet ferrite to the bottom of the glass container and place it on top of the CDs.

We will now proceed to test our magnetic mixer. To do this, we place a quantity of water inside the glass container and connect the battery to the fan cables of our magnetic stirrer.

Rubber buffers of our magnetic stirrer

We can visualise how a small swirl is created inside the container, indicating that a movement similar to that of a traditional mixer or blender is being carried out.

Also, we can introduce two different liquids or substances and solutions and see how they mix.

driving part of our magnetic stirrer

How it works

Unlike the magnetic stirrers Here we will generate a moving magnetic field, which with its influence will cause the magnet inside the container to move to the opposite side, while the simultaneous movement of the container will cause a mixing process to take place between the substances or liquids inside the container.

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