How to make a marble maze

Have you ever played that game that consists of moving a board to get a marble to reach the goal? That is precisely what we suggest you do today.

marble maze

The mazes for marbles are very entertaining for the youngest members of the family. We can make one with simple materials that we usually find in our homes. It will be ready in an afternoon.

You will need:

- Thin and thick cardboard.

- Cutting pad or working board.

- Cutter and scissors.

- Pencil and eraser.

- Glue.

- Thick and fine-tipped markers.

- A rule.

Take a flat piece of a cardboard box where you can draw a 30 cm line. At the ends of the line draw two other lines of 10 cm each, so that we get a rectangle of 30×20 cm.

On the work board, cut the resulting rectangle with the cutter. It will probably take two or three passes with the cutter to cut the cardboard properly.

Now mark pencil marks every two centimetres on the four sides of the rectangle. Then draw pencil lines connecting the points on the parallel sides, forming a grid (each square will measure 2×2 cm).

marble maze

Here comes the fun part: drawing the labyrinth. Remember that there must be a beginning and an end to the game. Each line you draw on the board is a wall of the maze. Look at the picture to get an idea:

marble maze

When you have the final lines of the labyrinth ready, go over them with a felt-tip pen and erase the rest of the pencil lines. The shorter the walls, the more the maze will zigzag. marble. Now we will cut with the cutter the sections that we have marked with the marker (what will be the walls).

Take the thin cardboard and draw with the ruler and pencil a rectangle of about 10×20 cm. On the sides of 10 make marks every 1 centimetre so that you get strips of 20×1 cm. Paint the strips in the colour you want the walls to be.

Now we will place them with glue in the holes where the walls should be, cutting the strips so that they fit the size we need.

marble maze

Now we will make the outer walls of the board, to avoid the escape of the marble. In this case, we will use thick cardboard. To give the board more consistency, it is advisable to lay it on another rectangle of thick cardboard cut to the same size (30×20 cm), so that it will have more stability.

Finally, we can draw with a marker pen a sort of start and end box. Pour the marble and let's play!

If you feel like it, let us know what you think of the idea or ask any questions in the forum.

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  1. hahahaha, this game brings back school memories, they even made 2, and 3 floors, we even put vinifan lining, so that the little village wouldn't get lost.

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