How to make a mini fluorescent tube

Another of the famous inventions of Nicola Tesla is the fluorescent tube, which ionises a gas, and this gas by means of the excitation of the electrons creates photons that produce luminosity. Today, we are going to making a mini fluorescent tube a little different from the one proposed by Tesla, but which offers a very interesting visual effect, which can be used for more than just lighting, especially for decorating small rooms.

Fluorescent tubes in various colours


To make our fluorescent tube, we will need the following materials:

- A disposable injector.

- A tube of silicone for gluing.

- A jar of hair gel.

- A high-density LED.

- A 2032 battery (as used in wristwatches).

- Cable for making connections.

Assembly process

We start the assembly by removing the plunger from the injector to release the injector tube. Next, we take the LEDWe insert it into the injector tube and pull out its connector cables through the small hole in the injector, in order to make the electrical connection to the 2032 battery.

Once we have the LED located at the narrow end of the injector, we proceed to fix it to this end, using a silicone gun that will also serve to seal the air outlet through this part of the injector tube.

Fluorescent lamp

After attaching the LED to the injector tube, we proceed to fill the tube with hair gel until it is almost full. It is worth noting that if the gel generates bubbles, it will be much better as the optical effect will be more eye-catching.

After filling the tube with the gel, we place the plunger of the injector to seal the open end of the injector. Make sure that the rubber stopper of the plunger is tightly fitted with the gel and that the plunger does not slip out.

Fluorescent lamp

Finally, we connect the LED to the 2032 battery, taking care to connect the smaller electrode of the LED to the negative pole of the battery and the longer electrode to the positive pole of the battery, close the circuit and observe the fluorescence effect of our LED. mini tube.


An interesting variant is to attach a CD to one end of the mini fluorescent tube to generate a rather psychedelic glow effect. We can also arrange in series and in parallel, for an amazing visual effect with different colours of hair gel.

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  1. That's fine, but they should force themselves to put up real images of the project they are doing, if they really did it.

  2. It looks like a good experiment but the explanation is a bit convoluted, you should illustrate it a bit more. I personally would like to do it for my room.

  3. I didn't understand anything about the experiment and if it damages a lamp, what's the point?

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