How to make a homemade mini rocket

One of the characteristics of combustion propulsion is that it can propel loads or objects of any size and make them travel relatively long distances with very little fuel. This feature has enabled the development of all kinds of long-range weapons such as rockets and modern missiles. The following is a simple experiment that explains how to make a homemade mini rocketto visualise the effect of combustion and the displacement of objects at a distance, taking advantage of the power of gas generation and accumulation.

combustion missile


- Matches.

- A needle.

- A support for our rocket.

- Aluminium foil.

How to assemble our homemade mini rocket

We start the assembly of the mini rocket, wrapping a match and the needle in aluminium foil, taking care that each of the elements is very well isolated from each other. We must give a cylindrical shape very similar to that of modern missiles, in this way, we give it an aerodynamic model and optimise the design.

Once we have the basic structure of our mini rocket, we carefully remove the needle from the aluminium foil structure, making sure that the foil does not break. We must remember that the tip of the match must be at one end of the structure of our mini rocket. homemade mini rocket.

homemade rocket assembly

Now, we place the end with the match of our assembly on a support ready for the launching of the mini rocket. Once stabilised and fixed, we light a match, with which we heat the lower end of the rocket (where the fuel match is located), and wait for it to ignite. We can then see how our little rocket takes off violently. rocket.

How it works

The operation of this homemade mini rocket is quite simple, by heating the match that is embedded in the aluminum structure, it ignites and combustion generates a quantity of gases that due to the aluminum structure are expelled with force towards the bottom of the tube that being of such small dimensions, generate an impulse so strong that it can lift the light aluminum structure to amazing distances, if we take into account the size of our homemade mini rocket.

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  1. I say that more photos should have been taken as I don't understand how to wrap or cover or how to place the elements. 

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