How to make a coin purse out of a NES controller

When we think of the eighties aesthetic, bell-bottoms, psychedelic shapes and pop music immediately spring to mind. But it was also the decade of the expansion of video games. Does anyone have a NES at home? Look for it, we are waiting for you. Take the command and we will teach you how to make a coin purse out of it.

This is what our coin purse will look like with the NES controller

The ideal purse for geeks... and not so geeks. If in the years of the NES While playing video games was not yet very popular, and was more of a "vice" than a hobby, today video games have spread to practically all age segments of the population. Even grandparents play Brain Training on the Nintendo DS to exercise their memory. And of course, the "vice" is not only limited to men. Equality has also arrived, little by little, in the world of consoles.

If you have an NES in your memory boot that you won't be using anymore, a good idea is to turning the remote control into a coin purse. If you're too embarrassed, you can always try to buy a single one at antique markets or online auctions. It is also a good gift to give to a friend or family member addicted to video games this holiday season.

Let's start: Start!

You will need:

- An NES controller to sacrifice.

- Strong instant glue.

- A zip.

- Adhesive tape.

Converting an NES controller into a coin purse It won't take long, approximately two hours if we do it calmly. First unscrew the controller and remove the casing. Then empty the inside of the controller: cables, wires and circuits, but don't remove the buttons! To hold them in place, use instant glue. That way they won't fall off.

NES controller ready to work

Now let's move on to the zip. It has to be long enough to cover the two sides and one long side of the rectangle that makes up the command. We also glue it with instant glue, pressing well and letting it dry so that it adheres firmly. The lower part can be secured with adhesive tape.

NES controller zip

We have already made the purse. Check that the zip is well glued and fixed and let it dry completely before use.

There we have our purse videogamerDon't spend all your spare change on arcade machines 😉.

Game Over!

5 thoughts on “Cómo hacer un monedero con un mando de NES”

  1. Javierelderota (Cadiz)

    I'm going to do it, and it is well explained and in Spanish =) congratulations to the creator of this great idea

    1. Javierelderota(Cadiz)

      it is not a sin, on the contrary it is good for the planet to reuse, and more if you reuse a legendary controller like the nes, it is perfect to carry a wallet asin, resistant, retro, and suitable for the pocket.

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