How to make a paper flower (carnation).

Training Video:

Paper carnation

Taking advantage of the approaching Valentine's DayWhat better way to surprise our partner, or partner or whatever, than with a flower, and not just any flower, but a flower with a carnationsomething very Andalusian, and even more so when it is paper. I leave you the video so you can see it with your own eyes:

As you will have seen, there are several things that can be substituted if we are in a cafeteria for example, the stem of the flowerthat we can use a napkin rollor the own roleWe can use the same one that there is in the cafeterias that are good for nothing, yes, that one that when you clean yourself, you stay the same, but with the shit on your face, of having dragged it, instead of in your mouth, hehehehe, well, I hope that your partners like it.

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  1. WOow super I'm going to make many first to show them off because my last name is Clavel xD nobody can show off their last name hahaha thanks for putting it up I like your site

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