How to make a photo frame with porexpan

I'm tired of the monotonous photo frames that they sell in the miscellaneous shops? Today we propose you to innovate in the presentation of your souvenirs with a beautiful photo frame made of porexpan.

making a photo frame

The porexpanplastic, as we have already mentioned in previous articles, is a highly polluting material. It is the plastic in which packaged meat or fish is usually sold in supermarkets. We should reduce its consumption as much as possible and reuse it as much as we can. Today we propose to make with it a fun photo frameDo you like the example shown in the photograph? Well, let's go there.

You will need:

- A porexpan tray.

- Coloured tissue or plain paper.

- Scissors, pencil, paintbrush.

- A bowl with latex and water.

- Varnish.

- Adhesive tape.

First of all, we will draw the design. In the example it is a fish, but we can do whatever we want: the silhouette of a house, of a tree (if the image is in oblong position), a star...

Then cut it out. Be careful not to throw away the leftover silhouette because we will need it later. Keep in mind that the drawing we make has to be a little smaller than the photograph we are going to place, to avoid gaps.

Porexpan photo frame

Then we cut out pieces of coloured paper or tissue paper. At the same time, we mix latex or glue with water in a bowl. With a brush we apply the mixture to the paper pieces and place them on the porexpan tray which is already becoming a photo frame. This step requires a bit of patience if we want it to look good.

Now we take up the silhouette that we have parked somewhere on the work table. We also cover it with small pieces of paper. Why? Because it will also form part of our frameworkIt will be no more and no less than the support that holds it from behind, so it has to be presentable.

Photo frame holder

The last step is to varnish the whole piece. On the back we attach the original support to the framework with instant glue.

All that remains to be done is to join the photography on the back with adhesive tape. Nice souvenir. If you want to share yours with us, come to the How To forum at Cómo

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  1. Hi! I didn't reuse food trays, but I did reuse what covers the unframed photo frames (the ones made of glass) and instead of covering them with tissue paper I painted them. But I liked it a lot

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