How to make a piggy bank

A few months ago we learned how to make a piggy bank in the shape of a little clay pig. This time, we will change the material for one that is very easy to find at home: a plastic bottle.

Piggy bank

You will need:

- An empty plastic bottle.

- Two cork stoppers.

- Adhesive tape, marker pen, scissors.

- Coloured paints.

- Coloured tissue paper.

- Eye stickers.

First we will cut the plastic bottle into three parts and remove the central part. Then we cut a small rectangle in the upper part, the part with the cap. Then we join it to the lower part with adhesive tape. Look at the image:

piggy - piggy bank

Now we take the two cork stoppers and split them in half. They will be the four legs of our piggy bank. We paint them in the colour we want and also the cap of the bottle, which is the nose. In the example they are red, but you choose.

Then we hook the four legs onto the bottom of the bottle, screw on the nose and hide the central joint with pink tissue paper, for example. If we don't have tissue paper, we can also use normal coloured paper or paint it ourselves.

Our piggy He has to hear the metallic sound of the coins we throw at him, so he will need good ears. We make them out of tissue paper. We draw them on a piece of paper, cut them out and stick them on with adhesive tape.

We can also make decorations with tissue paper. On the piggy As an example, we see that there is a bow made of green paper.

Finally, the eyes of our piggy bank. We will use two circular stickers and with a permanent marker we draw the pupils of the eyes. With the same marker we draw the eyebrows and the mouth.

If we don't have stickers for the eyes, we can use the same masking tape and paint it and cut it out in a circular shape.

We already have our piggy bank ready to start saving. The first saving has been, in fact, the making of the piggy bank, as we have reused materials that are in common use.

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