How to make a piñata

If you have a birthday If you have a nephew's, your son's or your little brother's birthday, for example, just around the corner, here you have the steps to follow to make an piñata home with which the birthday boy and his friends can have a good time.

Homemade Piñata.

The materials needed to make the piñata are.

1 large balloon.


Painting to decorate the piñata.

White tail.


Brush and brush.


Thread to hang the piñata.

Now follow the steps below to make the piñata:

1.- Inflate the balloon. Inflate the balloon as big as you want the piñata to be. Then knot it and leave it until you need it. If you want two piñatas or more, blow up a balloon for a piñata.

2.- Now you must cut the newspaper in strips. It doesn't matter what size they are, but the bigger they are the sooner you will finish the process of wrapping the piñata.

3.- Pour into a container water and glue in approximately equal amounts. The more strips you have made the more glue and water you will need. Mix it well with a paintbrush and then soak the strips in the mixture. Glue them around the balloon and then paint it again with the white glue so that nothing comes off. Avoid wrapping the knot part.

4.- Let it dry and when you make sure that it is completely hard on the part of the knot where you have not covered it with glue, pop the balloon. Then use the scissors to cut a hole through the space and take out the balloon. Make it big enough to hold the sweets.

5.- Paint your piñata in the most creative way you see fit.

6.- Make two holes with the scissors and insert a thread or a string. This way you can hang the piñata.

7.- This is optional. You can put on your piñata birthday hats. Paste them and you can also hang streamers from theseThis way the piñata will be more decorated. Finally fill it with the sweets.

When you have the piñata ready, it's time for the children to start playing and try to break the piñata.

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