How a plasma television is made

Hello everybody. Today, Saturday 23rd April, we are inaugurating a new section called How it's made. This section will be mainly dedicated to show you the assembly process that goes into making the products that we all have at home. I'm sure you've all wondered at some point: Where does this computer come from, or what's inside a fridge? Well, every Saturday you will have at your disposal in Como Hacer the answer to these questions and many more.

In the first installment of this section we will show you how plasma televisions are manufactured that we all have at home.

How a plasma television is made

Normally when we stop to think about what's inside these devices, we stick to all the chips and components that make up the electronics, but the real magic is in the screen itself, which is made up of millions of cells called pixels filled with inert gases (neon and xenon) that change colour when electricity passes through them.

Here is a very interesting video where everything is explained. the processfrom the assembly of the screen to the assembly of all parts.

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  1. No wonder the most expensive part of a plasma is the screen panel, I didn't know there was so much processing behind it.

    Very good new section, it is very interesting to know how everyday objects are made 🙂

    Best regards

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