How to make a plastic-like material using milk

Among the easiest materials to make and that we can use to make any type of ornament or utensil, we have Casein, which is very similar to plastic. This material can be made in a simple and quick way, in order to put into practice the sintering of materials based on organic compounds. Today, we will see how to make a plastic-like material using milk.

Casein buttons


- Milk.

- Vinegar.

- A container or bowl.

- A sieve.

Establishment procedure

To create our plastic-like materialFirst, place about a cup of milk in a saucepan and heat it until it is about to boil. Once it has come to a boil, remove it from the heat and pour the milk into a bowl.

Now, add 4 tablespoons of vinegar and stir the mixture for about a minute and let it stand for another minute.

Now our plastic material is almost ready, we only need to pour the mixture through a strainer and save the solid precipitate that will be trapped inside the strainer.


Next, we look for any mould we want to create our figures or implements (similar in appearance and characteristics to plastic). We pour the precipitate into the mould, let it cool for a couple of days and we can pour our creation out of the mould.

This material is very handy, we can make any kind of utensil, from a button to the handle of a tool, which makes this material a homemade alternative to plastic.


How it is formed

This material is a precipitate created by a chemical reaction of milk components in the presence of an acidic medium such as vinegar (acetic acid).

This material is called Casein, and is a protein that comes from milk and is released by natural chemical reaction in an acid medium. Casein has been used in industry as a raw material for the creation of costume jewellery.

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