How to make a piggy bank out of a flower pot

A money box in the shape of a flowerpot? Yes. So, even if its content is not very abundant, it is at least pleasing to the eye and very decorative.

plant piggy bank

Today we will making a plant very special inert. It will hold our savings, so we must pamper it well. However, we will not have to take care of it and water it, because it will not be alive. But if we want our plant to bear fruit, we will have to save a few coins from time to time to feed it well. Take note.

You will need:

- A plastic pot.

- A piece of cardboard.

- Pencil and scissors.

- Punch or punch.

- Adhesive tape.

- Synthetic green raffia or palm branches that we find on the ground (do not pull them up).

We take the plastic pot and place it on a piece of cardboard. Draw the outline with the pencil and then cut out the resulting circle, which will have the same diameter as the opening of the pot.

Next, we draw a groove and then cut it with the tip of the scissors or an awl. It should be thick enough to fit our savings.

making a piggy bank pot

Now fill the entire outer circumference with holes. We can make them with a punch or a hole puncher. They should be wide enough to fit the palm leaves without any problems. The next step you already know what to do: fill the little holes with the green leaves.

Finally, simply fit the cardboard circle into the pot. As we have drawn it on the outside of the pot, it will be a little wider, which is ideal so that it does not get inside.

If we want, we can decorate the pot with paints, beads or whatever we can think of.

An original idea and perhaps a good place to hide valuables - no thief would ever think of looking in such a camouflaged piggy bank!

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