How to make a generic pre-amplifier

When working with audio equipment that requires a higher level of amplification or with electric instruments, such as guitars, it is advisable to use a pre-amplifier that can be connected just before the amplifier to increase the audio gain. Next, we will see how to make a generic pre-amp for electric guitars, which is quite easy to do.

Guitar pre-amplifier


- Capacitors:

- 1 of 0.01 μF.

- 1 of 0.1 μF.

- 1 of 4700 ρF.

- 1 of 0.047 ρF.

- 2 electrolytics of 1 μF.

- 2 electrolytic (tant) of 1 μF.

-2N5089 semiconductors.

- Resistances:

- 2 of 1 MΩ.

- 2 of 47 KΩ.

- 2 of 2.2 KΩ.

- 2 of 100 KΩ.

- 1 of 4.7 KΩ.

- 1 of 22 KΩ.

- 1 of 1 KΩ.

- Potentiometers:

- 2 lin of 250K.

- 1 log of 250K.

- 1 lin of 10K.

- 9V power supply.

- 1 double push-button reversing key.

- 2 x 6.5mm jacks (one mono and one stereo)

- 1 battery click.

- 1 Transformer jack.

What is our pre-amplifier

This pre-amplifier is quite simple and consists of two transistors and four parallel controls, in order to change volume, treble, bass and gain.

The pre-amp can be used as a buffer at the beginning of a series of elements and special effects devices for our guitar or simply placed before our plant to obtain a really powerful and spectacular sound.

Setting up the pre-amplifier

Assembling this pre-amplifier is as simple as following the electrical assembly diagram of the device to the letter, as shown below:

Preamplifier circuit

It should be noted that the four controls are made up of small circuits connected in parallel, which are made up of resistors, capacitors and semiconductors. Each of these controls is connected to ground to prevent damage within our circuit.

Audio editing and effects

Once assembled, we proceed to install it in our audio line and enjoy our fortified sound.

Source: The Blue Guitar

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  1. jesus navarro

    hola,soy ingeniero en electrónica y debo decir que este mundillo no es ten complicado como parece,solo hay que tener inciativa y algo de tiempo,un saludo

  2. hola quisiera que al guien me diga como aser un pre amplificador que no echeche ruido cuando lo conecto a mi pc.

  3. I would really like to get one of these but I don't have much knowledge of electronics, could you recommend me some website or something to know the basics to assemble the preamp?

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