How to make a puppet

The theatre is one of the most classic arts that human beings have experienced. Let's face it: sometimes we are fed up with being ourselves and feel the need to put ourselves in another skin. What in a real situation may be hypocrisy can take on amusing touches if we disguise ourselves for a theatre playAnd what is the children's favourite companion in children's plays? The puppets. Let's learn how to make one.

Homemade puppetry.

We can making the puppets with the shape we want, according to the work we are going to perform, or according to the child's tastes, if we want to making a puppet as a children's gift.

You will need:

- Plasteline.

- Newsprint.

- Grease.

- Vegetable oil.

- Knife.

- Modelling paint and varnish.

- Googly eyes (the ones the dolls have), clothes, ornaments, doll hair, etc. (depending on the model)

- Wire.

- Pliers, scissors.

- Cardboard tube (toilet paper or kitchen roll).

- Adhesive tape.

- Needle, sewing thread, paintbrush.

First make a ball out of newspaper the size you want the head to be. Then cover it with plasteline and model it with the features of the face (cheekbones, lips, etc.) without too many details, as this is the basis for the papier-mâché. Make the neck with the cardboard tube. To help you work with the puppet, stick it on a nail attached to a piece of wood.

Next, spread vegetable oil on the head (which is now made of plastelina) with a brush and prepare the paste.

Cut many small pieces of newspaper, about 15mm wide, and smear them with paste. Cover the whole head with the small pieces of paper. Put two layers over the whole surface and preferably two more layers on the top of the head and on the sides of the neck, to strengthen the neck. Let the papier-mâché dry overnight.

Paper mache puppet face.

When it is dry, remove the head from the worktop by cutting it in two, without fear. Once it's done, remove the plasteline and put the two halves back together again with pieces of gummed paper.

Now cut a piece of the cardboard tube and glue it inside the collar. Cover the edge with tape and make holes around the neck about 5mm apart. Leave to dry.

Now the details are missing: glue the hair, paint the features and the face, put the eyes (or paint them, failing that), put the costumes... The hands can be made either with fabric or with wires (it gives a more monstrous aspect), bending them as you like and covering them with gummed newspaper.

Homemade puppets.

¡Y let the work begin!

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