How to make a racket

Today we will learn how to making a cardboard racket. It is one of those rackets with singles attached to a ball with a string. Of course, it is for small children and it won't turn them into Rafa Nadal, but it can make them have fun with it. recycled materials.


Make a cardboard racket is very simple. To make it more visual, we will follow the teachings of the following video:

You will need:

- Recycled cardboard.

- Elastic cord.

- Glue.

- Scissors.

- A small foam rubber ball.

Take a cardboard relatively large. In the video they use the cardboard of a pizza box, as it is usually quite rigid. You can also go to any grocery shop and ask for some boxes. They'll give it to you without any problems and you'll be doing them the favour of taking it off their hands.

Draw with a felt-tip pen the outline of the racket on the cardboard and cut it out. Use this racket as a template to make three more (a total of four racquets of the same size) to make two racquets. Depending on the number of rackets you want, think that the number you have to make will be double.

Glue two silhouettes of rackets with glue. A tip: to give it more consistency, you can put some wooden sticks inside. And the design? Of course, it looks very ugly if the rackets have that brown cardboard colour, or with letters, if it's a pizza box. In the video they suggest using the template to cut out a wrapping paper. We can also paint it with tempera, for example, and draw our own design on it.

Next, make a small hole in the centre of the racket and insert the elastic cord. Tie a knot at one end to prevent it from coming out.

Do the same with the foam ball: pierce it with a sharp object, taking care that the hole is not too big and does not come apart. Pass the other end of the elastic band through and tie a knot to prevent the ball from escaping.

Here we have the racket attached to the ball. A good gift for a small child.

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