How to make a crystal radio receiver

Radio receivers are important communication devices, as they allow access to live broadcasts and communication with the whole world. The fascinating thing about crystal receivers is that they do not require batteries, and are very simple to assemble. Today, we will look at how to make a crystal radio receiver.

Glass radius


- A plastic bottle with a diameter of about 7 cm and a length of 15 to 30 cm.

- 15m of enamelled copper wire.

- A 1N34A germanium diode.

- A telephone hearing aid that is not in use.

- Crocodile type connectors.

- A pencil or plastic rod.

- An antenna.

Arming the crystal radio receiver

The first thing we are going to do, is to drill four holes in the plastic bottle, about 2.5 cm apart. Two holes will go in the front, and the other two in the back of the bottle.

holes in the bottle

Next, we insert (in the upper part of the bottle) enamelled wire through the holes, fix it well and take out at least 15 cm from one of the holes, while on the other side we will have the rest of the wire. With the long end of the wire, we make five turns around the bottle and when we reach the fifth turn we make a loop with the wire, this loop we fix it to a pencil.

Creating the radio receiver

Repeat the procedure right next to it with five more turns and so on, until you have lined the 15 cm of the bottle. Pass the wire through the holes at the bottom, leave another 15 cm distance and cut. Once the assembly is complete, we remove the enamel from the cable at the free ends so that we can make connections. Also, we must remove the enamel from the loops made in the insulator, for this, we will help us with sandpaper.

Now, we solder the germanium diode to the connection at the bottom of the bottle, and then we remove the insulation from the terminal of the telephone handset cable, where we will find 4 wires, of which we will take the black and yellow ones.

We take one of the selected wires from the handset (the black one) and solder it to the germanium diode. The other wire (yellow), we connect it to the top wire end of the bottle. To make it work, we must connect the antenna with a crocodile connector and the other end to one of the loops created earlier.

Radio to glass

We make a ground connection, from the wire end of the top of the bottle, through a pipe or the screw of an outlet. By now, we should be listening to a radio station. To change or tune, we must change the loop connector.

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  1. I think a little more explanation is needed, or perhaps a few more pictures of the process if you would be so kind.

  2. Carlos Gabriel Saltos Villamar

    Excellent the Rx... Congratulations, although I would have liked you to put 2 more pictures from other angles... but it's still incredible.

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