How to make a reflex camera

Recently we published a special on how to make a pinhole camera, well, today I am going to show you a Canon manual to make a complete reflex camera out of balsa wood, here is the final sample:

Wooden reflex camera

As you may have deduced, it is quite complicated to make, so be patient. You can also look for some second-hand analogue cameras on the Internet, but they won't have the same charm as this one. I leave you the list of necessary tools and the manual itself.

Seen on Techtastico

6 thoughts on “Cómo hacer una cámara réflex”

  1. Hello! a pity that the link you post is no longer available, by any chance you will not have the pdf downloaded?
    Best regards

  2. It will be difficult but not impossible, I think that with time and a lot of patience I can do it hehe... Then I make the competition to the big ones xD....

    1. Hello wrez,

      I saw the post of the reflex camera, none of the links work, if you downloaded the information I would be grateful if you could send it to me please,

      thank you I look forward to your reply please.

  3. Yes, it definitely looks quite complicated to make.

    And you need some tools that are probably hard to come by.

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