How to make a sand filter

In this tutorial, we will see how to make a simple sand filter to obtain filtered water. This sand filter is very similar to the water filters that can be found in shops and shops specialised in water treatment.

Barrel with a sand filter inside.

Materials to be used

- A plastic container or barrel, approximately one metre high.

- Fine sand.

- Gravel.

- Small stones.

- Medium-sized stones.

- Shredded charcoal or activated carbon.

Prepare the container

First, make a small hole about 2 or 3 cm in diameter in the bottom of the plastic container or barrel, so that the water can drain out. filtered water. If the container or barrel has a water dispenser at the bottom, so much the better, we won't have to make the hole.

Now, clean the container thoroughly, first with dishwashing liquid and then with some liquid antibacterial soap and rinse with plenty of water. Then repeat this cleaning procedure with the stones.

Sand filter assembly

The assembly process is simple: just place the materials in homogeneous layers to prevent them from mixing with each other. Note: The use of carbon is vital for complete water filtration. Ideally, activated carbon should be used, as it is much more porous and increases the adsorption process (physico-chemical process) within the water. filter.

In the following, we will show you the strict order in which the layers of materials should be placed inside the plastic container or barrel:

25 cm of medium-sized stones.

12 cm of small stones.

3 cm of gravel.

3 cm of charcoal.

2 cm of gravel.

6 cm of fine sand.

6 cm of gravel.

12 cm of small stones.

Sand filter.


Our sand filter It works quite simply, we just add water through the opening of the container and let gravity do its job and filter the water. We can collect the filtered water through the previously created hole, or through the water dispenser, if the container has one.

The different layers of the sand filter The home-made carbon filters will capture suspended particles (in the case of activated carbon) in order to make the water very clear and transparent.

Sand filter 2.

17 thoughts on “Cómo hacer un filtro de arena”

  1. it is good but I give a tip, the same can be done in a bottle that at the base of the lid put cotton wool because it cuts the bottom (the base), then a layer of charcoal, then cotton wool, then sand and finally a layer of gravel.

  2. what filtering capacity this system would have, and how I could calculate one based on volume requirements.

    1. Marcos A. Rodríguez S.

      The sand can be recycled by backwashing at medium pressure or by manual washing in a container, the smaller and lighter particles will always remain in suspension long enough to remove the filter material without the particles of filtered material. This difference between the inlet and outlet level allows the sand to retain a quantity of water, which will favour the formation of bacteria that are harmless to humans, but which are also bacteriophagous, i.e. they eat other bacteria, which adds biological filtration to the mechanical filtration.

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