How to make a self-propelled rocket

Today we will learn how to making a rocket by recycling materials and with a real propulsion system. It's a lot of fun to make and to use.

Self-propelled rocket.

You will need:

- Acrylic paint and brushes.

- Plastic biscuit tin (one of those elongated ones).

- A plastic cup.

- Scissors, ruler, cutter, paper punch, pencil.

- Adhesive tape, glue.

- Two balloons.

- Permanent and fine-tipped markers.

- Small containers of drinking yoghurt.

- Milk cartons.

- Soda straws or straws.

- Drill.

- Thin cord.

- Cardboard.

Inflate a balloon to the size you want the balloon to be. ship and knot it. Then cut off the top of the milk carton, but don't throw away the rectangle as it will be useful later. Open the milk carton at its vertical corners, cutting until you get to about 5 cm from the bottom edge. You should end up with this:

Rocket body.

Now take another milk carton and remove the top and bottom. Open the carton and cut the corners as before, but without going all the way through, leaving 2 or 3 cm uncut, as you can see in the picture:

How to make a self-propelled rocket 1

Then fold the four walls so that they are the opposite of how they were at the beginning (with the aluminium side facing outwards). Put it over the part of the balloon where the knot is, so that the knot is centred in the hole. Put the other piece of milk carton in the same way, but this time put the central part of the cardboard cross with the aluminium on the front of the balloon. Look at the image:

How to make a self-propelled rocket 2

Fix the balloon to the "frame", taping the parts together. Take a plastic cup and tape it to the front of the balloon. ship and perforate it in the centre to insert a straw, which we also secure with adhesive tape. We will have something like this:

How to make a self-propelled rocket 3

We will now make the wings of the ship. Measure the length of the frame and cut out a rectangle of this size (it should be approximately 30×50 cm). Draw a diagonal line and cut out the two resulting triangles. We place it in the centre with adhesive tape. It will look like this:

How to make a self-propelled rocket 4

Then we take the plastic biscuit tin and make two holes at both ends, in the middle and at the same height. We put a straw through the holes and fix it with adhesive tape. Do the same with the two drinking yoghurt containers: make a hole in each one (about 3 or 4 cm from the lower end) and join them together with a straw. Tape the two structures together, as shown in the picture:

How to make a self-propelled rocket 5

Now we cut out a triangle of 8×8 cm. on each side out of cardboard. We make a notch to fit it into the soda canes. We attach it all to the frame with the balloon.

How to make a self-propelled rocket 6

Then we can paint what we have. Then we insert a string a little at a time through the cane that runs through the biscuit tin, until it reaches the other end. The string should be long, so that it can be hooked from one wall of a room to another.

Then we take one of the upper parts of a tetrabrick that we have cut before, so that we are left with its closure system. Untie the knot of the balloon, without deflating it, and hook it to the closure system, so that it is trapped, as shown in the photo:

How to make a self-propelled rocket 7

Finally, we hang it between two walls. You know, when we open the closure system, the aircraft will be propelled forward and fly along the path of the string. Zigzagging the string will make it more fun.

If you have any questions, you can ask them in the forum.

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