How to make a napkin ring out of aluminium

The other day we showed you how to fold napkins. Let's continue in the world of presentation of beads for diners. Today we will learn how to make a metal napkin ringIf only they knew how to do it! Take note because it is very simple.

Aluminium napkin ring.

Have you seen the picture? It looks nice for any special occasion or to surprise someone, doesn't it? Well, you'll be able to make it in no time and with very simple materials that you're sure to have at home.

You will need:

- Cardboard tube (a roll of toilet paper is fine, better if it is of good quality as they are usually more consistent).

- Masking tape.

- Aluminium foil (the ones used to wrap sandwiches).

-Silver or transparent adhesive tape.

- Scissors, pin, pencil, paper.

Here we go. Cut a strip of aluminium as thick as you want, as big as you want the napkin ring. Then roll it up in the cardboard roll and fix it with the masking tape. The piece of aluminium It should be a little bigger than the cardboard roll, because it has to be folded at the sides, wrapping it so that the brown colour does not show through, which would make it look unpresentable. To fix the aluminium to the cardboard you can do it with the adhesive tape.

Wrapping the cardboard tube with aluminium.

To give it an original touch and so that it is not plain and bland, we are going to draw something on it. If you look at the picture above, there is a heart. Well, we can make any motif we want, depending also on whether we are using it for a celebration and the skill we have with handicrafts. If you want to give it a more festive touch you can make a flower, a star if it is Christmas or draw a simple animal if it is for a children's party. Keep in mind that the drawings have to be simple and clean. Now we will explain how to do them and if you go overboard with complicated and detailed things, nothing will be understood.

First draw on a piece of paper to make the template. It has to be the definitive size, the one you are going to have on the aluminium. Place the template on top of our napkin ring where you want to mark the drawing and make small holes around it with the pin. It is important that you centre the template well and that you don't make the holes too close together, otherwise you will "cut out" the drawing of the aluminium and that is not the idea.

There you have your aluminium napkin ring. To look like a "gentleman" or a "lady".

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