How to make a simple control car

The cars remote-controlled are some of the most attractive toys among children and even adults. The simplest models are those that receive the user's commands via a cable. Next, we will look at how to make a simple control car using simple materials, so that we can familiarise ourselves with the principle of operation, as well as make modifications to improve our design and even include an RC control if required.

Remote control car


- A box similar in size to those used for mobile phones.

- A pair of 3m cables.

- 5 AA batteries.

- Two night-light type switches.

- A bar of iron or any other metal, to be used as an axle.

- 4 toy or modelling wheels.

- Two toy engines.

- 2 LED's (optional).

- AA battery holder with a capacity of 5 AA batteries.

Assembling our control car

The first step is to open the box and, at the bottom, create 4 holes for the wheels of the car. Also, we will have to make some holes in the front part of our car, to insert the LED's that will be our lights, although this will be an optional step.

single control car

Previously, we test the motors of old toys or cars that are no longer used or damaged and check that both motors turn to the same side. Once this is done, we place them inside the box, where they can be accessed by the front wheels, as the traction will be applied to these wheels.

Once the motors are fixed, we place the front wheels and fix them to the motors of the buggy. Then we take the metal axle, go through the holes in the back of the box and fit the rear wheels to the axle, and our car is almost ready.

finished car

Now, we place the AA batteries in the battery holder and fix it to the bottom of the box. One of the wires is connected to one of the motor connections, and if we have chosen to fit lights, we must take a connection from the same end of the wire to one of the poles of the LEDs.

Then we connect the other end of the battery holder to the end of the 3 m cable. At the end of the cable we place a switch, and at the output of the switch, another cable that will go back to the car. This cable is secured with electrical tape. On returning to the box, at the end of the cable, we make connections for the LEDs and for the free ends of the motors, thus closing the circuit.

We close the box and when we activate the switch we can see how the car moves and turns on the lights. If we want separate controls, we use two switches, one for the LED's and one for the wheels of the car. car to control.

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