How to make a simple electric generator

The generation of electricity is a process that has been perfected over time. One of the most attractive science experiments is the creation of electricity generators from magnetism. However, basic modification of the classic winding and magnet assembly can create more efficient generators using small motors. In the following, we will look at how to make a simple electric generator based on classical concepts, but modifying the traditional dynamo with a small motor.

electric generator


- Conductive wire.

- Nails, bolts and nuts.

- One or more LED's.

- A couple of old CDs.

- A soda straw.

- A 9V motor that we can take out of an old tape recorder.

- Thread or sewing machine spool.

- Piece of cardboard.

- Wooden rod.

- Square, flat piece of wood.

Assembling our simple electric generator

The first thing we are going to do is to fix the electrical connections of the motor to pieces of wire with the help of a tin soldering iron. We pass each wire through the inside of the straw, connect the free ends of the wires to the connector ends of the LED and fix the LED to the straw. In this way, we will create a kind of lamp to test the operation of the generator.

Simple generator

Now, it is time to create the pulley. To do this, with the help of scissors we create a cardboard disc with similar dimensions to the CD's, but with a smaller diameter, and with the same hole in the middle (with the help of glue) we fix the CD's to the cardboard disc creating a kind of pulley, and we fix in the middle hole the thread spool that will serve as a rotation axis.

We fix with the help of a nail the wooden rod to the square piece (Base), and in the upper part of the rod, with the help of a drill, we create a hole through which we can introduce a screw that we will adjust with nuts to obtain a rotation axis for the CD's pulley. We place the pulley on this shaft and the generator is almost ready.

Simple generator

Now, with the help of an elastic (rubber band) we connect the CD pulley to the small motor pulley and we will have ready our generator. Once we start the movement with the large pulley we will see the LED light up.

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  1. but what I am trying to invent is a magnet motor that can move the generator on its own, without using wind, manual, mechanical or electrical movement...if you have any clues, I would be grateful in advance.

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