How to make a simple hydraulic turbine

The hydro turbine is one of the most common ways of generating power from natural sources. These turbines harness the mechanical energy of flowing water to create electrical power. In this article, we will look at how to make a simple hydraulic turbine (this turbine works with the flow of water) which will give us an idea of how these devices work. Such a turbine can be improved with some creativity and by applying the principles we are going to see below.

Homemade hydraulic turbine


To create our simple hydraulic turbine, we will need the following elements:

A plastic water bottle.

A pencil.


A scissors and a blade.

Assembly of the hydraulic turbine

In order to build our hydraulic turbineTo do this, start by removing the top of the plastic bottle. To do this, we will use a blade and a pair of scissors. After removing the upper part, you will be left with a sort of a cuezo or glass-like container, which you must adapt so that the flow of water can pass through it easily.

To achieve a continuous flow of water through our turbine, what we must do is simply create holes in the bottom of the bottle, just one centimetre above the bottom of the bottle. To do this, we will use a pair of scissors and create about eight holes at equal distances from each other.

To increase the efficiency of the holes, use a pencil. We will increase the diameter of the hole by going through it with the pencil and pressing until the tip of the pencil reaches the opposite side of the bottle. Repeat this task with each of the holes made in the back of the bottle, to create a dispenser of water very similar to garden sprinklers.

Interior of a hydraulic turbine

Once the holes in the bottom of the bottle are finished, all that remains is to create a base for the bottle to sit on. turbine can rotate on its own axis and create the typical circular movement that characterises them. To do this, we will make a couple of holes in the upper part of the the bottle with a scissors and enlarge them with a pencil (as we did before), only this time the holes will be located on each side of the bottle.

We cut a piece of string about 15 cm long and tie it to the upper holes of the bottle, creating a kind of handle that will be the basic support for our bottle. homemade turbine.

Now, we tie a piece of rope of about 30 cm to the centre of the newly created rope handle and at the free end we tie a pencil which will be the support for our turbine. The creation process is ready and all that remains is to test it. To do this, we can use a free-falling water fountain and the best example of this is to open a tap or faucet and place our turbine underneath it. turbineIn this way, we will see how the flow of water makes our device rotate on its own axis with speed. This movement can be used to move other devices or even generate electricity by activating an alternator.

Schematic diagram of a hydroelectric turbine

Turbine operation

The water falls forcefully to the bottom of the bottle and shoots out towards the walls of the bottle with high pressure. This force of water flows out of the eight holes in the bottle at high speed and generates a rotational movement, harnessing the mechanical energy of the water flow.

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