How to make a simple water clock

When there were no mechanical or electronic clocks, ancient people used ingenious alternatives to measure the passage of time, such as sundials and water clocks. In this article, we will look at how to make a simple water clockThis will allow us to study the time variable in a simple way.

water clock


- 1 L plastic bottle.

- Paper cup.

- Water.

- Adhesive tape.

- A watch with a second hand.

water clock

Building our water clock

First, cut the plastic bottle with a knife or saw, about 7 cm below the mouth of the bottle.

Next, we place a strip of masking tape from the top of the outer surface of the bottle to the base. This strip of tape should be straight or as straight as possible.

water clock

Then, we make a small hole in the base of the glass and place the glass in the hole of the bottle so that the base of the glass is inside the bottle. Now, our watch is ready and we just need to calibrate it.

Calibrating our watch

We prepare a watch with a second hand and add water to the glass, wait for about 10 seconds and then make the first mark on the adhesive tape with the help of a pen or marker.

We make several measurements in multiples of 10 seconds until we reach one minute, and so on, until we reach 5 minutes.

water clock

In this way, we will make our time measurement. We should test by filling the glass halfway with water, and as long as water comes out of the hole.

Once our watch has been calibrated, we carry out a test by placing water in the full glass and waiting for the water to run down completely. We check the mark with the elapsed time and compare the difference that may exist with the measurement of the watch, which should be very close to it.

We now have a practical water clock to estimate the elapsed time of any task we are performing. We can also make our own time scales.

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