How to make a simple solar lamp

When we are in the countryside, or in a place where we do not have access to electricity, it is necessary to look for alternatives to illuminate the interiors of a house or other space. One of the simplest options is to use sunlight to illuminate in an economical way. We will now take a look at how to make a simple solar lamp.

Solar lamp


- 2L or 2.5L PVC bottle.

- Water.

- Chlorine or bleach.

- Sealant or glue.

- Large piece of wood.

- Corrugated sheet 25cmx25cm.

Assembling our solar lamp

The first step is to perforate the corrugated sheet with a diameter slightly smaller than the diameter of the PCV bottle. Then, we make cuts perpendicular to the perimeter of the circumference of the hole made in the sheet, with a distance of approximately 1 cm between each cut. In this way, we will allow the bottle to fit easily into the foil.

Solar lamp

Now, we must locate the place on the ceiling where we want to place the lamp. The ceiling where we are going to place the lamp must be easy to cut, as we will have to mark with a sharp object a circumference edge and make the hole where our lamp will pass through. This hole must be of a diameter that allows the bottle to pass through.

Once the hole has been made in the roof (usually a corrugated sheet roof) we glue or fix the sheet to the roof, remembering that the holes must coincide. Fill the water bottle with a little chlorine or bleach, usually just one capful to prevent it from rotting. Then, we cover the bottle and insert it through the hole made and with a sealant we glue it to the sheets.

Our device is ready and we can observe how the interior of the selected site is illuminated in a natural way. This lamp is ideal for warehouses or remote places where there is no power supply.

How it works

The water inside the bottle applies an optical effect on the light that enters the top of the bottle, so the light bounces off the walls of the bottle and is distributed throughout the place we want to illuminate.


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