How to make a solar car

Cars are among the favourites of model railroad hobbyists. They are also of interest to robotics enthusiasts, as they can be the basis for programmable automatons that perform repetitive tasks, or they can be a means of transport or a complement to a robot. Next, we will look at how to make a solar car. And if you simply don't want to do it, you can buy it on Amazon and save yourself the trouble, but you'll miss out on the fun.

Solar car


- Wheels from unused toy cars.

- Pieces of plastoform.

- Small size washers.

- Plastic tubes with ball end.

- Toy car engine.

- Thin cables.

- Wire.

- Pulleys.

- Solar cells. (Buy it on Amazon)

Assembling our solar car

We start by cutting out a rectangle of plastoform with which we are going to make the chassis of the solar car. The measurements of the chassis will be the width of the solar cells, and the length will be close to 30 cm. Once the chassis is made, we place the reinforcement rectangles with the help of glue (these rectangles must be of the same width as the chassis, and their length will be 4 cm) and on these reinforcements, we place some eyebolts.

Solar car

Now it's time to make the wheels, which we will place on an axle created with wire, so that we have two axles and four wheels. We will place some spacers on the rear wheels so that they do not rub against the chassis, for this we will use a pair of ball tips.

On the rear axle, we place a pulley to transfer the movement given by the car's engine. These pulleys can be taken from old, disused cassette players.

Solar car

Then, we fix the axles to the bottom of the chassis, specifically at the height of the brackets, and we place the engine on top of the chassis. Previously, we must create an opening in the chassis to be able to connect the pulley or the motor shaft with the pulley of the lower wheel. We connect them with the help of an elastic band.

Now, it is time to make the connections to the poles of the motor and take them to a solar panel, or to a set of solar cells that can make the motor move. We fix them to the chassis with silicone or glue and we will have ready our solar car.

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  1. I want to make a car with rechargeable batteries with solar light that can run 8 motors, I know it's extremely complicated but I want a 5in technology, please help me.

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