How to make a funnel solar cooker

Harnessing alternative energy is a popular global trend, as it promotes clean energy policies and lowers fuel costs. One of the most interesting inventions we can find in this area is the funnel solar cooker, developed by Stevens Jones, which combines the designs of the box solar cooker and the parabolic solar cooker, obtaining a better yield from solar radiation. In this article, we will look at how to make a funnel solar cooker based on the Stevens Jones design.

solar cooker


- A large sheet of cardboard measuring 60cm x 120cm.

- Glue.

- Aluminium foil.

- Strong adhesive or packaging tape.

- Airtight container.

- Glass or thermosetting plastic jar, black or painted matt black (if the container is made of glass, it can be painted).

- A piece of wood 10cmx10cm and a height of 5cm.

- A transparent bag used for wrapping vegetables or baking.

Setting up our solar cooker

The first step is to create a semicircle with the cardboard with dimensions that are proportional to the container or jar where the baking will take place. For example, if the container is 18cm in diameter, the diameter of the cardboard semicircle will be double, i.e. 36cm.

Solar cooker

Now, we form a funnel with the cardboard semicircle so that there is a sort of circle inside it where the container will go. Then, we line it with aluminium foil. To fix it, we use glue and make sure it is as smooth as possible and without wrinkles. Around the bottom hole of the funnel, we place aluminium foil and our kitchen is ready.

Funnel solar cooker

Place the wooden board inside the bag and place the cooking container on top of it. Now, inflate the bag with air and close it so that the hot air allows the cooking by convection and conduction. Place the bag at the bottom of the funnel, and place it in the sun for an hour and a half or more, according to the cooking charts below:



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