How to make a telescope with a magnifying glass

If you like to make simple amateur astronomical observations, but do not have your own telescope, you can make a simple but very effective small device with which you can view celestial bodies at an acceptable level of magnification. Although professional views will not be achieved, we can zoom in to observe the moon or bright stars. Next, we will look at how to make a telescope with a magnifying glassThis device can be used at a school science fair or for our own personal use.



- A hand-held magnifying glass (the higher the magnification the better).

- Two 2 L plastic bottles.

- A watchmaker's lens or watch glass.

- Adhesive tape.

- Glue or silicone.

How to set up our telescope

The first thing we are going to do is remove the labels from the bottles, then wash them well on the outside to remove any traces of glue. Once this is done, the bottles are ready to create our telescope.

materials to build our homemade telescope

We take one of the bottles and with the help of a pair of scissors or a blade we cut off the back of the bottle (i.e. the one at the base). Next, we take the watchmaker's lens and remove the caps until only the housing that supports the lens is left. Once the lens has been freed from the caps, we fix it to the mouth of the bottle using adhesive tape and glue. This procedure can also be done with the magnifying lens of an analogue watch.

Now, we take the second bottle and with the help of a pair of scissors, we cut the top and back of the bottle until we obtain a plastic cylinder the length of the body of the first bottle.

Once this is done, it is time to cut the cylinder lengthwise with the scissors and place it on the body of the first bottle. In this way, we will create a much more secure, resistant and hard base. To fix it, we adjust it with tape, and we will have the body of the telescope ready.


All that remains is to create the main lens of the telescope. To do this, we take the magnifying glass, which should be the diameter of the plastic bottle, and we fix it to the body of the telescope with the help of tape and glue. telescope made with a magnifying glass which is highly portable and easy to use.

Here is a video where you can see how to assemble this telescope.

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    Very good and very clear 😀 It helped me a lot, I just had to make one just like it for school.  

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