How to make a tesla coil

The electrical generators are of vital importance, as they can create energy to light light bulbs or power electronic devices. One of the simplest generators to make is the so-called tesla coil, which is capable of generating electricity. Today, we will see how to make a simple tesla coil with simple elements.

Tesla coil


- A Black and White TV flyback (with ferrite core).

- An electrical switch.

- A 5 watt 240 ohm ceramic resistor.

- A 27 ohm 1 watt ceramic resistor.

- A 2N3055 transistor.

- 1mm diameter AWG No. 18 enamelled cable.

- 0.64mm diameter AWG No. 22 enamelled cable.

- A pair of crocodile-type connectors with 12-volt cables.

- A transparent plasma tube or a light bulb.

- Insulating tape.

Assembly of the tesla coil

To begin our assembly, with the help of a blade, we cut the winding main winding of the TV flybak and remove it. Once the main winding is removed, it is time to assemble the circuit.

Tesla coil

The next step is to make a primary winding, we will do it with enamelled wire nº 18 (preferably red), directly to the ferrite core where the winding original primary winding of the flyback. This winding will be made with about 7 turns and secured with insulating tape to prevent it from moving.

Now, we will create a winding feedback wire with enamelled wire no. 22 (preferably yellow). With this wire, we make three loops in the ferrite core and secure it with insulating tape.

Tesla coil

To build the rest of the circuit, we make a series arrangement of the resistors, placing the positive pole of the array at one end of the 240 ohm resistor. The other end of the 240 ohm resistor is connected to the 27 ohm resistor and the free end of the 27 ohm resistor will be the negative pole of the series arrangement. Now, we connect one end of the yellow wire (from the winding feedback) to the centre of the series array of resistors.

Once this is done, we connect the other end of the yellow wire and one end of the red wire from the winding to the transistor. The other end of the red wire is attached to a switch which will be connected to the positive pole of the series resistor array.

Using a crocodile connector, we connect a wire from the transistor to the negative pole of the series resistor array, and a wire from the ground of the main flyback winding to the negative pole of the series array. Next, we connect the wire leading from the negative pole of the series array to the negative pole of the plasma tube or light bulb and the main wire of the windingto the positive pole of the plasma tube or bulb.

Tesla coil


Now, just flip the switch and you will see plasma sparks coming out of the tube, or the bulb turning into a plasma sphere.

Important note

We must remember that a tesla winding is high voltage equipment, which we must keep away from any digital equipment and handle with insulating clothes and protectors to avoid damage to our health.

Tesla coil circuit

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