How to make a foam tool organiser box

When we work on our projects, it is very convenient to have a tool box or tool case in which we can keep our things well organised, so a drawer or case with a foam mould would be ideal to store our tools safely and without damage. Next, we will see how to make a tool organiser box with foam.

Organised toolkit


- A wooden box, case or crate.

- An old T-shirt that we no longer wear.

- A piece of wood the size of the drawer or briefcase.

- Foam foam (you can find it in any specialised shop).

Creating the organiser drawer

empty drawer

The first thing we are going to do, is to take the drawer and place it on a solid and flat surface to be able to work well, then, we place the tools as we want them to be inside the drawer or organiser case.

placing the instruments

Once the tools are in place, it is time to create the mould. To do this, we cover the tools with the T-shirt and then we spread the foam all over the surface of the T-shirt. We spread it well, in order to get a complete impression of the tools we are placing inside.

spreading the foam

The next step is to place a sheet of newspaper on the foam surface and press down with your hand to force the impression of the tools into the foam. The pressure exerted should be uniform so that the final foam block is homogeneous.


To improve the creation of the mould, we place the piece of wood on the newspaper with an extra weight, thus generating enough pressure to create the impression. Let it dry until it hardens.

toolbox with foam

Once the foam has hardened, all that remains is to remove the wood and the newspaper, and with the T-shirt we remove the mould. Now we have the organiser foam, we place it inside our briefcase or drawer and we can store each tool in its place.

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