How to make a toy car

Remember the classics "Micromachines? Those pushchairs which were the gold and cream of the childhoodwhich was a treasure to own. Today we are not going to make one of them because we don't own the brand, but we will learn to make a simple car that rolls and works.

Making a toy car

You will need:

- Two cartons (tetrabriks).

- Four identical caps (water bottle caps, milk bottle caps, etc.)

- Paints, brush.

- Wire.

- Plastic punch (punch, small drill...).

- Plasticine.

- Scissors, marker pen.

We will make a toy car like the one in the example. However, you can vary the steps you want to make it more modern or different. Here we go.

First of all, we draw the nose and windows of the car on a tetrabrik with a felt-tip pen. Cut it out and we will have a figure more or less like the one in the image:

Toy car

Now we take the other carton, which we will use to complete the nose of the car. We cut the side of the cardboard, fold it and attach it to the body of the car with adhesive tape, as if it were the bonnet. We will also have to make a window and cut it out. Now we have the whole body of the carSo it's time to paint it with the colour we like the most. Then, we will make two small holes in each side of the carat the bottom. Through them we will pass the wire with which we will hook the wheels.

We take the four identical plugs and pierce them in the middle. We pierce them with the wire and place them in their final positions. Cut the wire so that it does not stick out too far. To cover the ends, we make little balls with plasticine.

Finally, it's time for embellishments: headlights with coloured stickers, drawing shadows or patterns on the "vehicle "badgeYou can mark the edges of the "windows" with a biro or you can even simulate the windows by gluing tracing paper.

Don't forget to stop by the forum if you have any questions, ready to roll!

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  1. Hi, I have to make a bouncing car for school and I need some help to start the project, could you give me a little help? Thank you very much

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