How to make a dreamcatcher

The superstition has been with human beings since the beginning. We need to feel protected, whether by a god or a fetish. Today we will learn how to making a dreamcatcheroriginally created to attract good dreams and ward off nightmares.

Homemade dreamcatcher.

The dreamcatchers are objects that form a circle, inside which threads cross like a spider's web. Their origin goes back to the culture of the American Indians and the first civilisations in the north of the continent, where present-day Canada is located. According to legend, the web woven by the threads is nothing more than a DREAM FILTER. Nightmares are lost and disappear with the first light of day. As in our culture, in the light "the bad guys" are scared away.

Today the superstition still exists, although dreamcatchers are more of a decorative fad than a belief. They can be found in the typical "hippie shops". If you want to make a personalised one, take note.

You will need:

- A leather or wool rope.

- A metal ring or wire.

- Decorative balls.

- Feathers.

First form a ring with the wire if you don't have a metal ring. To help you, you can take a cylindrical object as a guide (a ball, for example). The excess wire should be rolled up to close it. Then wrap the hoop with the string or wool.

Now we are going to mark the hoop as if it were a clock: with twelve points, as you can see in the picture. The string is fastened at the twelfth stitch with a knot. From there, we pass the yarn to stitch number 5 and fasten it again with a small knot. Let's continue the next series:

- Items 5 to 10.

- From 10 to 3.

- 3 to 8.

- From 8 to 1.

- 1 to 6.

- From 6 to 11.

- From 11 to 4.

- 4 to 9.

- 9 to 2.

- 2 to 7.

- From 7 to 12.

- From 12 to 3.

- 3 to 6.

- 6 to 9.

- From 9 to 12.

That's it. We hope we haven't made you dizzy with so many numbers, because there are more coming. Now cut the yarn. Knot it in stitch 1 and pass it through 4, 7, 10 and back to 1. Cut it and knot it in stitch 2, taking it to 5, 8, 11 and back to 2. As you weave the "spider's web", check that the threads that cross each other are tied together and are not loose. The last step with the wool is to knot it in stitch 12, forming a small ring from which the dreamcatchers.

We are at the end, only the decorations are left. We suggest that at points 3 and 9 you place the feathers with a thread (hold them with silicone so that they don't move) and at points 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 you hang threads with beads and charms. Although this is up to each person's taste.

Different types of dreamcatchers.

Happy dreams!

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  1. Melissa Laura

    I have been trying to make a dream catcher for a long time and now that I saw this I can do it. Great explanation. I love it. From Cuba. Melissa Laura

  2. without a doubt the winding of the wire with the wool is the most exhausting part. thank you very much for the information.

  3. thank you!!!!!!!I've been wanting to make a dreamcatcher for a long time, very good explanation, namaste.

  4. marianela zamora

    this very nice very well explained perfect for my handicraft students thank you very much from costa rica

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