How to make a TV antenna

In many situations, we encounter poor TV signal reception, which may be due to the fact that our equipment does not have a good antenna. Fortunately, there are many plans to create such devices. In the following, we will show you how toow to make a simple TV antennae, but quite efficient, which will improve our reception considerably.

TV antenna


- Wooden board 20'' long x 3.5'' wide x 1'' thick.

- 6 metal clothes hooks.

- 10 bolts with nuts.

- A VHF Coaxial converter.

- Coaxial cable with female connectors at each end of the cable.

Assembly of the TV antenna

We will start our project by cutting 8 pieces of clothes hanger wire about 14 inches long, and two pieces with an approximate dimension of 21 inches each.

ANtena de TV

Once this is done, we place the screws in the board, as we can see in the graphic. After the screws are in place, we take the 14 inch pieces of wire and create a sort of letter V with 7 inch sides. We place each of these V's under each screw and tighten the screws.

The two long wires will be used to connect the V wires, as we can see in the assembly diagram. In the centre of the board, we place two screws that will be the terminal for the VHF converter, once this is done, we connect the converter.

Assembly diagram

Now, we fix our antenna in a high place. It is recommended that it is 2 metres or more from the roof or the highest part of our house, as the higher it is, the better the reception, although this will depend on the length of our coaxial cable.

Before attaching the antenna, we connect one end of the coaxial cable to the VHF converter. The other end, once the antenna is attached, will go to our TV.

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