How to make a front USB connector for your PC

Nowadays, it is very common to have a huge amount of USB devices for our computers, so it is vital to have extra connectors for our PC's, especially if these computers are a bit older. In this article, we will see how to make a USB front connector for your PC in a simple, easy way and in just a few minutes.

front USB connectors


- 2×5 connector (or whatever our motherboard allows).

- 10-wire flat cable.

- Old or unused PCI card.

USB connectors

How to make the front USB connector

First, we take the front case of the PC and with the help of an old PCI card, we trace the opening of this card on the front of the case. Then, with a cutter or knife, we cut a hole in the case.

Now we are ready to work, we take the old PCI card and cut or remove the connectors. Then, following the diagram below, we proceed to connect the flat cable to the removed connector and the other end to the 2×5 connector.

schematic of the USB connectors

USB connector schematic

To fix the connections well, we must use a tin soldering iron to fix the contacts well. Once the work is done, we place the 2×5 connector on the motherboard, in one of the sockets provided for this type of connection.

Now all that remains is to fix the connector of the old PCI card to the front hole of the case with the help of transparent tape and silicone.

USB logo

Once the connector is securely fastened, close the computer case, turn it on and let the operating system start up correctly. All that remains is to test our front port by connecting a USB flash drive or any other USB device.

It is important to remember that the old PCI card may be faulty, but the connectors must be in good condition for the new front contact to work. If we do not have the card, we can directly purchase a new front contact. USB connector female in an electronics supply shop.

This small modification of a computer is simple and functional, since we can have front connectors USB for older equipment that does not have this type of device.

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