How to make a potentiometer or variable resistor with carbon clay.

From Ikkaro I see this incredible trick with which we will be able to make a homemade potentiometer using pencil charcoal. The idea is to create circuits on paper by drawing them in any way we see fit, something similar to what the author has done:

Homemade variable resistor

I leave you a video in which you can see better what we are talking about, anyway, to all those who have opened their eyes, close them, because this method is not at all viable for complex circuits.

3 thoughts on “Como hacer un potenciómetro o resistencia variable con carboncilla.”

  1. That is one of the ways to make a variable resistor, but do you know if there are other ways to do this? THANK YOU

    1. Dude potentiometers are one of the most used circuits in the world of electronics today and we find them in a 80% of household appliances and industrial machinery, this is the basic principle of it, so you have some time to think about your insipid answer.

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