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Are you passionate about video games and you want to make your own? If you've been a "gamer" or a "gamer girl" you probably have many original ideas to get into the gaming industry. video game and your playing experience is very valuable in terms of what users are looking for. It is a good basis for getting started in the video game programming.

To programme a video game.

In this article we will discuss the programming languages that are commonly used in the world of video games and some applications that allow you to make games at amateur level.

First and foremost, make a game is no banality. There are no magic formulas with which to "making a video game in ten days". A video game is a project that requires a lot of time, effort, tenacity and a great, great desire to do it and not give up in the face of difficulties. If you have all these elements together, you are qualified to get started in the world of video games. video game programming. This world is very exploited and "everything has already been invented", so try to have an original idea and not repeat the schemes of successful games, as many do in order not to take risks.

The programming languages commonly used are:

  • PHP: It is ideal for making web page games and handling variables. With it you can create dynamic web applications.
  • FlashIt's more of an application that combines the animation and graphics part with the software part. It is good for video game programming because it links the code with the graphics part.
  • C++It is a much more complex language with a lot of functions. It allows you to make "real" games. You can download many libraries, such as 3D libraries to make games in three dimensions.

Book about PHP, Apache and MySQL.

We recommend a very good book to get started in programming: this is Web development with PHP, Apache and MySQLby ANAYA publishing house.

If you don't want to complicate things and prefer to making a video game to play it yourself and with your friends, you can use an editor-creator. There are many, here are three of them:

Video game maker.

  • Game Maker. With this program you can make good quality classic games in the style of Pac-man, Tetris or Mario Bros. It offers a wide variety of sounds and backgrounds.
  • RPG Maker. It is a video game creator classic for making role-playing games. It has a map editor, event editor and combat editor. It includes diverse material such as graphics for maps, characters, music or sound effects, although you can add your own customised material. The latest version is Action Game Maker, for Windows XP and Vista, which adds the possibility to make platform and shooting games.
  • Alter Engine. It is very similar to RPG Maker, with an engine designed to make 2D RPGs. For many people this editor is much better.

In this blog we have already talked about the YoYo Games Community.

2 thoughts on “Cómo hacer un videojuego 2”

  1. Raquel Andrés Durà

    Hi, lauri_27. When you ask about the "pages" I guess you mean the programs I mentioned for making videogames. Personally, the one I've been using the most for a few years now is RPG Maker. It has a very good community where you can get manuals and tutorials:
    Like everything else, learning to use it takes time, but it is still quite intuitive. The secret is to try and test the options you have.
    On the other hand, I tried Game Maker recently and you can download it for free from the official YoYo Games website (with fewer applications than the paid version, but it's very good). Game Maker comes with an integrated tutorial that teaches you the basics of the program.
    I advise you to look for a tutorial for the program you decide to use and do it step by step, it is the best way to learn.

  2. hola RAquel Andres bueno era para desirte k me gusto mucho esta informacion k llevo buscando desde ase mucho tiempo bueno y me gustaria k ome esplicaras un poco mejor cada una de las paginas o k me alludaras a entender

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