How to make a video game

Don't think you're going to make a Call Of Duty or anything like that, but to get started and make half-decent things, this invention is pretty good. It's about the community YoYo GamesThe slogan "Where de worlds come to play, make and share games" tells us a lot about what it is about and also implies that we must have some basic knowledge of English to be able to participate.

How to make a video game

What is most impressive about this community is how well it is organised and how many people are behind it, helping to keep everything running smoothly. It has a wiki, some forums and even (here's the trick to its success) its own game-creation program, the Game Maker. Este programa trae consigo multitud de paquetes de sonidos y diferentes recursos para ayudarte a hacer tu juego único e inigualable. Además podrás jugar a todos los juegos que hayan hecho las demás personas que están en la comunidad, (y aquí está dónde ganan los creadores de YoYo Games) dichos juegos tendrán que ser jugados online en su plataforma, lo que conlleva que estarás viendo su publicidad, etc, etc…

Without a doubt it is a community to take into account for all our moments of boredom or with the desire to create something, for any of these two sensations it is totally valid.

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    I would like to make a game but I don't know how to do it and I would like someone to help me, please look me up on my msn. agregeme si me va a ayudar solamente si me va a ayudar grac…

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