How to make a web server.

How to make a web server. 1

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After many years of using and jumping from hosting to hosting, we have finally found the best one, and we want to share it with you.

From FORAT, we have learned that they have finished the complete manual to make a web server under Linux Ubuntu ServerSome of you will remember the complete manual also from FORAT to make a Media Center. If you were thinking about making one or simply learning a little more about servers, this is your moment. Here are the contents of the manual:

FORAT Server


- Vol 1 (How to install Linux Ubuntu Server 9.10)
- Vol 2 (Network configuration and remote management via OpenSSH with SSH and SFTP)
- Vol 3 (How to install LAMP + PhpMyAdmin)
- Vol 4 (Opening and redirecting ports from our Router)
- Vol 5 (Finding our server from the Internet with No-Ip)
- Vol 6 (Apache web server and its VirtualHost with NoIp)
- Vol 7 (Commercial domains + VirtuaHost on Apache)
- Vol 8 (Open Source Web Statistics with Piwik)
- Vol 9 (Statistics on our Hardware with PhpSysInfo)

You can see that it is very extensive and complete, as well as explained for anyone who is not familiar with these topics. It will come in handy for me when we move this blog to a dedicated blog.

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  1. very interesting... a silly question... but on a computer with 512 ram and a tiny hard disk will it work well?

  2. hello first of all i ask for an apology because what i am going to say has nothing to do with how to make a wep server but as i am new and i did not know where to post my comment hehehehe Do you know how to make a 35 watts valastro like the ones in the xenon lights? i know it is a silly question but i have this doubt thanks

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