How to make a woollen pompom

In this article we will show you how to make a pompom that you can use to decorate your clothes or as a gift for your friends.. The pompoms are usually made of wool, although there are some made of other materials such as coloured ribbon.

The materials we will use to build our pompom are as follows:

Wool yarn (the typical balls used by our grandmothers).

Piece of cardboard or cardboard.


Template (optional).

Once we have these materials, we start making our pompom. First of all, we have to draw two equal circles on the cardboard.. If we have a template, we can use it. If this is not the case, we can draw the circles using the following guidelines:

Template for the pompom.

When we have drawn the circles, cut them out and place them one on top of the other.

Cut out templates for the pompom.

After this, we begin to distribute the wool around the cardboard ring. The way to do it is simple. We go around the hoop without tying a knot at any time.

Starting with wool.

To make the process easier, we can roll the wool in pieces so that we don't have to carry the ball of wool all the time. A very important thing is to make lots of turns of wool. The more wool you use, the better the result. Also, the wraps should be compressed, reaching a point where you won't see the cardboard ring. When we have all the wool in place, we will get a result like the following:

First phase of the pompom completed.

All that remains now is close the pompom. To do this, we must cut the wool that we placed previously in the area where the two cardboards meet.

Cutting the pompom.

When we have cut all the wool, we take a leftover thread and insert it between the two cardboard rings. Then we tie a knot as tightly as we can and end the cardboard rings.

Penultimate stage of the pompom.

Finally, we retouch the pompom by shaping it and correcting any threads that are too long..

Retouching the pompom.

Below is a video to help you if you get stuck at any step.

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  1. I really love your pompon, I really love it, it came out very fluffy and very nice, congratulations!!!!

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