How to make a shoe rack

Where is the other pair of slippers? Enough of the mess. Today we propose making a shoe cabinet using the structure of a cellar.

Homemade shoemaker.

Christmas comes and perhaps someone will give us a cava, the wood in which this essentially Catalan wine is kept. When the festive season is over, the rubbish bins fill up with the corpses containing gifts. One of them, the wood that contained the bottles of cava. If you are going to get one of these armatostes as a present, don't throw it away this year, reuse it.

If we don't have a cellar, we can build our own cellar. furniture. To do this, we will cut wooden bars of the same size and place some parallel rows and others perpendicular (as many as the size we want), emulating the cava in question, like the one in the photograph. Screw the bars tightly together so that they do not fall over under the weight of the shoes.

Shoe rack with a wine rack.

Once we have it, let's get to the fun part: decorating it. To do this, write down the following ideas and what you will need.

- The cellar.

- Coloured acrylic paint.

- Fine wood.

- Solvent.

- Brush.

- Silicone or strong glue.

- Coloured buttons.

Before starting to decorate, the varnish must be removed with solvent. Then we will paint it. You will have to apply a few coats of paint and let it dry. On the edges, use the same colour with a darker tone, to give it shadows. With the same tone, we can then go on to speckle the surface with dots, circles, stars...

Now let's get down to the details. If you have make your own wine cellarYou can take any leftover wood. If not, get some thin wood. First draw the outline of the object to be decorated on a piece of paper and use it as a template to create the pieces. In the image we propose to make flowers, very striking, beautiful and easy to make. We suggest painting them in a variety of colours and leaving them to dry. To get the brightness they have in the photographs, use white acrylic colour on the centre of the petals once the base colour has dried completely.

The last decorative proposal is to place a button in the centre of each flower with glue or silicone, at the same time as we glue the flower to the cellar to finish.

If you make another design, don't forget to comment on the forum.

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