How to make a homemade rocket with alcohol

One of the most fun hobbies is the construction and design of homemade rockets using simple materials. With these rockets, we can observe the theories of propulsion and the physical and chemical phenomena that generate such propulsion. Today, we will look at how to make a homemade rocket with alcohol It's a great experiment and a very fun toy.

Making a homemade rocket with alcohol


- Bottle with narrow spout.

- Isopropyl alcohol.

- Matches or matches.

Building our homemade rocket with alcohol

Before carrying out our experiment, we must remember that we must not use a glass bottle for any reason, as this type of bottle can explode, and for greater safety we must use protective goggles.

We start by removing the cap of our narrow-spout bottle, and with the help of a funnel we pour a little alcohol into the bottle.

Creating a homemade rocket with alcohol

We then close the bottle with its cap and shake it vigorously to impregnate the walls of the bottle with the alcohol. Once we have checked that the walls are impregnated with alcohol, we empty the bottle, taking care not to leave considerable quantities of alcohol inside the bottle to avoid accidents.

After emptying the bottle, we go to an open place where we can observe the propulsion of our homemade rocket. We place the bottle on the ground, we rest it on the ground with the spout backwards as a kind of nozzle, we light a match and we bring it close to the spout of the bottle and we will see how our homemade rocket propels. homemade rocket shoots across the floor with considerable speed.

Homemade rocket

How it works

The alcohol left inside the bottle burns with the heat provided by the match. This combustion is highly volatile and rapid and generates an accumulation of gases inside the container. These accumulated gases will seek to retract to a place where there is less pressure, as it is a characteristic of gases, and for this reason, when they exit through the narrow mouth of the bottle, they create an impulse that shoots the bottle forward.

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