How to make a DTT antenna

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Homemade DTT antenna.

As in the first instalment for making an antenna for DTTNow I bring you another one that apparently has been very successful (and it is not for less), and I did not want to miss the opportunity to show it to you too. As simple and cheap as it seems, the only thing we will need is 5 minutes of our time, a coaxial cable (the traditional antenna cable) and some insulating tape, the process would be to follow these few steps:

1.- Straighten the cable well for at least the first 30 cm.

2.- Strip the outer jacket 12.5 cm from the end of the cable.

3.- Bring the mesh back the 12.5 cm we had and cover it with insulating tape.

4.- Peel also the inner cover 12.5 cm, leaving the thread in the air, to prevent it from rusting, we can cover it with enamel.

5.- Connect to the DTT receiverand orient it horizontally.

I leave you a couple of images where it is better understood:

Diagram of a homemade tdt antenna

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