How to make an environmentally friendly Christmas tree

As I'm sure you all know, the Christmas time are getting closer and closer and the first nativity scenes and Christmas trees are starting to appear little by little in some places. Today we bring you a rather curious idea for those who like to make the most of everything and take care of the environment: a recycled Christmas tree.

Cheap Christmas tree.

The materials necessary for this curious tree are the following:

Soda cans (usually green, although you can vary them for a more original effect).

Two-litre plastic bottle (coloured).

Metal rods.

Long pole with stand (an unused coat hanger will do.

The process to assemble our tree is as follows. First we insert a rod into each can and attach it to it so that it does not fall out. Then we make a hole for each rod that we are going to insert into the stick that will serve as a support.

As you can see in the picture, the rods can be bent as desired. For example, we can bend them so that the tree takes on the shape of a cone. It is also important to start placing the rods from bottom to top to make things simpler.

Placing the tins on the Christmas tree.

Placing rods on the tree.

Finishing the recycled Christmas tree.

When we reach the top of the main bar, we proceed to cut a 2-litre bottle and place it in this part to achieve a better visual effect. We can also fill the bottle with several lights to make the star effect.

The star of the recycled Christmas tree.

Finally, we distributed some typical christmas lights on the tree and some ornaments. to make it more realistic.

As you can see, although the process requires a lot of work, it is very simple. With it you can look great with your visitors and also help the environment. Here is a video with all the steps.

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