How to make an electric generator.

Homemade generator

Yes, friends and readers of How to doAfter the tutorial to make a wind turbine and the tutorial to make a solar panel, I bring you a video to learn how to make a generator for any kind of use. The invention, although it seems not to have much history, although it is very slow to make, it is quite simple. Here is the video of the process:

If you have any doubts about coils, don't worry, almost any type of coil will do.

42 thoughts on “Como hacer un generador eléctrico.”

  1. Hello, good ditano,

    I would like to know if you can send me a complete schematic of this generator, the truth I am very interested, and I would like to try it for a house, in advance Thank you in advance.

  2. hello, I don't know much about electricity but I want to make this generator, I have two doubts,

    1. do ferrite magnets give the same performance as nedomio?
    2. could you give me a diagram of how the parallel connection for the coils works?
    thank you

  3. Hello I am Venezuelan and the truth I like to know everything about the generation of alternative energies is very but very good this generator many of the generators that e could see are very good and similar to the ideas that personally e had but never e developed them of echo if someone has the basic idea of how to create an autonomous electromagnetic generator osea that does not need a force or energy more than the one that produces to keep generating alone would be very grateful to me collaborate. this is good to share it because in this way we can contribute to a less contaminated planet ....

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