How to make an incense burner

For a romantic dinner, for a get-together with friends, for a farewell party... in short, for any special occasion we can use incense to give that unique touch to the atmosphere. Today we propose to make an incense burner out of clay.

Homemade incense burner

Today's idea is also useful for to make a candle holder, because clay is useful as a support for both. A candle can become a very eye-catching decorative element if it is placed on a candle holders that is commensurate with the event.


On this occasion, all we need is clay for moulding and paints. And the most important thing: imagination and some skill. After kneading the clay and giving it the shape you want, don't forget to insert a candle or an incense stick in the place you want to make the hole. When it dries, paint it.

Here are some ideas for mould the candle holder or incense burner:

Candle holder:

In the shape of a flower or a decorated square, if the candle is flat. Look at the picture of the tree, on whose leaves we can place several candles.

Decorative incense burner

If the candle is long, we can emulate a clay candelabra or some elongated object: a Greek column, a fountain, a tree (in whose trunk we would make the hole).

Coloured candle holders

Incense burner:

One idea I really like is that of a person with one arm raised, as if wielding a sword (we will make the hole in the hand). I have seen some with the figure of a samurai.

Original incense burner

An animal at one end: an elephant or a frog as in the photograph, or any other you can think of.

Simple: elongated and with bright colours. In this case, we can use glitter and gold colours.

A figure. It is more complicated but it is a very original idea that is spreading a lot in shops of this type. The inside is hollow and the back is open at the back so that we can introduce the incense. It could be a leprechaun, a grandfather with a pipe, a Bob Marley, a little house whose smoke emulates the chimney... Remember that there has to be a hole connecting the incense of the interior with the place where we want the smoke to come out.

If you want to propose an idea, let us know in the forum.

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