How to make a homemade iPad.

Homemade iPad

On the 4th of this month, the much-anticipated iPad from Apple. Successful or not, it has created a lot of speculation, so much so that a fan decided to create his own and this is the result. The invention has been so successful (the replica) that it has been published in countless high-calibre blogs, and of course, we had to put it here too. I warn you that making it is extremely complicated and we have to have a lot of skill and own initiative, also to say that the manual is in English.

The next steps could be as follows:

1.- Get a notebook.

2.- Disassemble the notebook keyboard.

3.- Put a touch screen and remove the old one of course.

4.- Install the OS used by the iPad, or any other of your choice.

It sounds easy, but the intermediate difficulties will make this HowTo a rather curious odyssey to carry out. If anyone wants to do it, post your doubts in the forum and we'll give you a hand.

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8 thoughts on “Cómo hacer un iPad casero.”

  1. Carlos Rivas

    Hello, I find it very interesting, I do not understand the part of connecting the new monitor, this enters the same port as the normal monitor, or you have to make an extra connection...?

    1. Alberto Navarro

      Depending on the model you are modifying, it will have one connector or another, that's why we warn that it is an invention that requires a bit of research and expert levels of electronics ;D

  2. che, I dare to do it but a question as the plate is installed, memory or everything goes into the operating system of the Ipod? because I have no idea XD I have a nootebook that does not walk more and may work total I have nothing to lose!!! ajajajaj gracias

  3. Richard Cotrina

    Isn't it easier to get a media player or notebook that comes with a touchscreen? and change the software to the iPad? it seems easier to me!

      1. And if it is also easier to do it with an acer tablet and change the logo to the ipad and install the ipad OS. So any skinny! the idea is to do something with a notebook any, for that I buy an ipad and ready do not you understand !!!!

        1. Alberto Navarro

          This invention is more than anything to pass the time and learn a little, it's clear that if you want an iPad you'd better buy it 😉.

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