How to make a CNC laser cutter

First of all, what is a CNC laser cutting machine? very simple, it is nothing more than a cutting machine that, through a program, makes millimetric cuts of the figures that we indicate to it. In this case the cutter uses a laser to make the cuts as it is much more precise than a blade or a Dremel for example.

Making a CNC cutter

Today I come to talk to you about this, about a Anglo-Saxon community that has come together around this project, which is also open source and is being very well received. They have set up a website where they explain step by step how to make one, making available to everyone all the necessary documentation for this project. Here is another cutter made by another user:

CNC laser cutting machine

So that you can see the extent to which the community is immersed, that it has even been created a forum where they leave their doubts and collaborate with each other, we are undoubtedly facing an interesting project to carry out. Let's see, who dares to make one?

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  1. Ojala alguien me pueda ayudar a encontrar informacion en idioma español para la contruccion de uno de estos equipos laser... Gracias a todos por los aportes comentados de antemano....... saludos para todos

  2. Hello: I would like to know the web address where the plans and the development of the CNC laser cutter are hosted. I have been looking for a long time to build my own home-made cutting machine.
    Thank you.

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