How to make basic glue

One of the most important elements in the construction of projects of all types is the glue. This construction element allows us to fix surfaces such as cardboard, cardboard, paper, plastics and even wood, without the need to resort to tacks, nails or any other fastening element, such as cold welding or silicone. Today, we will see how to make basic glue from elements that we can quickly find in the kitchen at home.

noodles or pasta


- A packet of noodles (pasta) of any kind.

- Water.

- One pot.

- Electric or gas cooker.

- Glass container.

- Strainer.

Creating our glue

The process of creating the glue is quite simple and quick. You need to have a cooker or a cooker, if you are a child you should do this experiment under adult supervision.

The first thing we are going to do is to fill the pot with water and place it on the hot cooker, until the water reaches boiling point (when the water starts to boil).

basic glue

Next, add the noodles (pasta) and let them boil for a long time. If necessary, we must add much more water, until we observe that there is no more water, instead we can observe a kind of thick whitish gelatinous liquid, at that moment we must turn off the fire and remove the pot from the table.

Now we are going to collect our glue (homemade paste). To do this, place a glass container on a table and place a noodle (pasta) strainer on top of it. Next, we pour the contents of the pot over the sieve of the strainer and the collected liquid will be our homemade glue, which is now ready to use.

This basic glue (paste) can be used to glue paper, posters and even cardboard. When dry, it will stick the surfaces together, just like regular white glue.

making basic glue

How it works

By boiling the paste (noodles) in water for prolonged periods of time, a chemical reaction occurs in which vegetable starch is released, which together with the water creates a viscous solution, capable of gluing paper surfaces efficiently. This mixture has been used since ancient times, being one of the first glues used by man and is still used today in a traditional way.

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