How to make bracelets with threads.

In this post I will show you how to make thread braceletsThe beautiful and inexpensive gift sets are perfect for girls who want to give a gift to their friends or for boys who want to surprise their partner.

They are a bracelets very easy to doHowever, I will explain it step by step to help you even more.

  • 1st step:

Bracelet knot

We have to take a thread, in the colour of your choice, and wrap it twice around our wrist to know the exact length. Do exactly the same with the other threads. Then we will tie a knot at the top of the threads, so that all of them will be fastened together. Then we will take the leftmost thread and we will tie a knot in front of it.

  • 2nd step:

Beginning of the bracelet

Here we should put the first thread through the opening and then tighten it to make the knot. This step is repeated again with the same thread. Now bring the first thread to the thread on the right and then repeat the previous steps, but be careful that this time it would be with the next thread in each case.

  • 3rd step:

Bracelet braiding

Continue in this way with the threads until you have completed the first horizontal row, with the thread of the same colour. Now we would return to take the thread that is more to the left and we would repeat the steps, indicated up to now, until finishing the row. then continue this way until the bracelet has the length that you wish to place it on your wrist, but remember that if it is for a gift I advise you to leave a little more margin just in case.

  • 4th step:

This is the easiest step, because all you have to do is tie a knot, as at the beginning, so that the bracelet does not fray, and then place it on the wrist and tie a knot tying the two extremities and you are ready to wear or give a bracelet made with your own little hands.

I hope you get to making bracelets spectacular.

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